Car Modifications For An Auto Lover

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When it comes to cars buying the very best just isn’t enough. A car to its owner is a completely personal thing. To someone who loves cars their car is an extension of themselves, their pride and joy if you will. Car modification has become increasingly popular amongst auto-lovers but if you’re new to modifying then here are a few areas that you can start with.


The wheels are what carries your car along and perhaps the most important aspect of you car altogether. So when it comes to your car wheels always invest in the best. You can colour your rims and hubcaps in order to make it completely personalised but choose the best brand of wheels and you can feel how smooth your drive is.


Body Work

Some cars only come in specific colours, which if you want your car to fit your personality could be a bad thing. With modification however you can take your precious car to an auto shop and get the paintwork done, and the best thing being that you can tailor it to fit your personality.


Replace The Screen

Most car designers often don’t pick the best materials for the windscreen and that is because they don’t have to, they know that all car lovers will take care of their cars as much as possible. However if you really do care for your car then replacing the windscreen is probably the best thing you can do. I can personally suggest that you use polycarbonate sheet UK for it’s great properties. Clear polycarbonate sheet is as transparent as glass, but weighs only a half, which means more speed for you. Furthermore it’s high impact strength means your car is protected and with UV protection you will be too.



Suspension can either make or break a car. Sure whilst driving on a clear and open road suspension is not entirely necessary but with today’s security precautions taken by our government there are speed humps almost everywhere, which with poor suspension could seriously damage your car altogether. Therefore when modifying your car don’t forget to get the best suspension, for the sake of your pride and joy.


In-Car Stereo

When you’re looking to have the ultimate in-car experience, you’re sure to be on the lookout for the best car stereo available for your ride. There’s nothing better than being able to turn up your speakers to the max for your favourite tune, whilst not having to have cables running across your interior to plug your phone or mp3 player in. All of the best and latest stereos now come with wireless technology such as Bluetooth, letting you connect wire-free for a much more enjoyable experience. Another new feature in the top models is that they have satelite navigation built in, saving you from having to stop to read a map or look at directions on your phone.

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