Motoring 101: How Air Compressor Parts Work

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motoringAir compressors have been used by a lot of people both for industrial and personal purposes. There are service companies as well as manufacturing companies for motors which utilise air compressors in their business operation. As for ordinary citizens, there are those who own air compressor to help them do house chores or carpentry works. Even though there are millions of air compressors used around the world, there are some who still do not know how air compressor parts work. Here are some information on how air compressor parts work.

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  1. Motor – Motor is the part which powers up the different air compressor parts. Once the electricity is supplied, the motor transfers power to the pump pistons by driving two belts and a pulley using a flywheel and crankshaft. A magnetic starter is installed in order to prevent damaging the motor due to overload.
  2. Compressor pump – This air compressor part is responsible of compressing air before supplying the air to the tank. The most common air compressors have two cylinder pumps which compress the air twice to achieve air pressure ranging 145 – 175 PSI. The first pump is large low pressure cylinder while the second is a small high pressure cylinder.
  3. Tank – Tank stores compressed air until it is needed. Normally, compressor tanks can contain 1 – 10 gallons of air however, there are large air compressors which can store more than that. It is also considered the largest among the air compressor parts.
  4. Pressure switch – The air pressure can be set depending on how much pressure the user needs. A pressure switch will regulate the air compressor by turning off the machine if there is enough air pressure inside the tank and turning on the air compressor if the air pressure decreases.
  5. Drain valve – Aside from the compressed air, there are impurities such as moisture, dirt and oil inside the tank. In order to prevent these impurities to accumulate inside the tank, a drain valve is necessary. The drain valve can help avoid rust to develop inside the tank.
  6. Pressure gauge – A pressure gauge is a meter indicator for the air pressure inside the tank. Aside from informing the user the exact air pressure inside the tank, it also informs the user if the air pressure is approaching a dangerous level.

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